When a person is converted to Christ, they become a member of the universal church. However, God has designed that the walk of Christians be lived out among a body of believers known as the local church, locally governed by biblically qualified pastors where Christ is head. (Eph.1:22, 4:1-6, 13-16; 1 Tim. 3:1-7)

The Biblical pattern in Acts clearly teaches that when a person is saved, they are baptized and then “added to the church.” (Acts 2:41) Furthermore, pastors will give an account for the sheep allotted to their charge. (Heb.13:17) Church membership, biblically speaking then, is not optional – it’s essential.

There are both responsibilities and privileges of membership at Grace Bible Church San Diego.

The responsibilities of membership include living a life to the glory of God by submitting to the authority of Scripture, a desire to serve in ministry using spiritual gifts, submitting to the authority of the Elders, financial support, and regular attendance to worship services unless providentially hindered.

The privileges of membership at Grace Bible Church San Diego include, but are not limited to, pastoral care and oversight and participation in the ordinances of the Church. Pastoral involvement in biblical counseling, visitation, benevolence, accountability, weddings and funerals is reserved for members. Only members can be officers or lead in ministry at Grace Bible Church San Diego.

Please see LBCF of 1689 chapter 26 paragraphs 1, 5, 10, 12-14